Whether you are working on a website for someone else’s business or you are trying to promote your own app, you will need to find a way to quickly grab your viewer’s attention and convince them to take the next step. While trying to come up with an effective way to do so in the landing page for a project I was working on, I came across an auto-rotating carousel from material-UI that is customizable and proved to be a great opener. I liked this carousel in particular because, regardless of styling, it blurs the rest of the screen upon…

So you got started on React and were finally getting comfortable using class components, but of course, this is the tech field, and every time you learn something new, there is already something newer coming out trying to replace it. However, not every new technology ends up successfully taking over and you may end up wasting your time with it. Are hooks really worth learning? What are the advantages of using them instead of class components? …

Major revisions to Javascript brought us very useful tools like arrow functions and new syntax to mimic classes, but there are many other additions, such as object destructuring and the spread operator that are often overlooked but can be a powerful addition to your arsenal and make your code drier and cleaner.

Let’s say you need to create new variables and assign them to the value of some of the keys from the object expense. Without the help of object destructuring, your code would look something like this:

Instead, you can achieve the same with the following line:

Encountering recursive algorithms for the first time can be a bit intimidating, so if you are struggling to feel comfortable with them, I hope the following guided examples with visualizations can help you warm up to recursion. As you may already know, recursion occurs when a function is called inside itself, sort of like a dream within a dream. …

Juan Carlos Meza de la Torre

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